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Pikkal founder Graham Brown shares how to get started on your corporate podcast.

Podcast Maps by Graham Brown is your map to navigate through the increasingly competitive world of podcasting. According to latest data, there are 1 billion million people listening to Podcasts every week. The competition is getting fierce. Doing what you did last year won't work anymore. You need a guide.

These are the topics I cover in Podcast Maps

1) Podcast Analytics
2) Podcast Market Data & Penetration
3) Podcast SEO
4) Podcast Rankings
5) Podcast Audience Numbers
6) Podcast Audience Growth Strategies
7) Social Audio
8) Audio 2.0
9) The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Audio
10) Podcast Guesting and Thought Leadership

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How do you get started with your corporate podcast? Well, you have a choice to do it in-house or to do it with a specialist. In-house maybe easiest to get started in the short term if you have the ready skills. But the lack of industry wide perspective on what works as well as the risk and cost and employee times and focus may make it a better choice for you to hire an industry specialist, a podcast agency, like our team at Pikkal & Co, who have the industry experience and can take care of all the heavy lifting. So are you ready to get started?

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Well, there are three questions to help you answer that question. One, do you have an idea of the business benefit and the why of the podcast for your team and your organization? Two. Who is the host going to be? You may not have a definitive answer, but at least a shortlist. If you don't even have a shortlist, it may be worth spending some time talking to people inside the organization to find out who would make a suitable host, and also who would be interested in doing it.

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And lastly, do you have the bandwidth to do this long term? Everything important in business exists in the long term, beyond the next quarter. I'm talking about thought leadership, brand building, relationships and it's no different from podcasts, which includes all of the above.

Graham Brown 01:22

So, if you feel confident of your answers to these three questions, your next step should be identifying the stakeholders for your potential podcast project favoring, an optimal working team rather than a perfect one. You may not have all your ducks lined up for this particular project, but you at least have a starting point and that's where we come in and help you take this project to the next step.

Graham Brown 01:47

The easiest way to do that is to go onto and go to the contact form or you can simply email me, Graham Brown direct I'll be happy to give you advice on your podcast project, whether it's an idea or an established podcast.

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