Podcast Market Data

Data Driven Conversations

At Pikkal & Co we believe in data-driven conversations.

That means using data to guide and inform client podcasts.

Data to inform (1) who listens to podcasts (2) what formats work best and (3) which of your content and delivery styles engages most.

We break podcast data into two categories
(A) Market Data i.e. (1) who listens to podcasts
(B) Performance Data i.e. (2) what formats work best and (3) which of your content and delivery styles engages most.

In corporate podcast project management, you don't need the "magic sauce" of a creative agency. With a good visual on these 3 data sets, combined with consistent and coherent planning, you can create significant audience growth.

Let's first start at the top with Market Data of who listens to podcasts, then look at how data impacts and shapes podcasts at the individual level with Performance Data.

Podcast Market Data

4 Million Podcasts Globally

...and 50-100 million episodes in circulation today, growing at a CAGR of +20%. The podcast market has not only gone mainstream, it has gone global. Whereas in the early days of podcasts, the US dominated content, now 62% of the world's podcast listener base lives in Asia.

Podcast Performance Data

More than just listeners...
Data Driven Conversations
Performance Report
Data Driven Insights

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