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Written by the award winning podcast agency team Pikkal & Co for corporate leaders and comms heads

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Using the strategies and mindsets referenced in The Podcasting for Brands Guide, our client UTI Asset Management won "Best Podcast" Award" at London's Investment Week Awards.

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"We are really delighted to have won 'Best Podcast' at the Investment Week Awards last week in a really tough category full of excellent podcasts."

- Ben Hayward Vice President & Head of UK, UTI International.

Pikkal & Co has project managed over 2,000 podcast episodes and worked with leading corporate clients globally including financial services eg UBS, DBS, Julius Baer, airlines eg AirAsia, SAAS tech platforms eg Xero, and services firms eg EY, MBB Consultancies. We found that to achieve long term success, category thought leadership and audience growth, corporate brands require a fundamentally different approach to podcast project management and production compared to traditional "consumer" podcasts. Read our guide: Podcasting for Brands to learn more about our approach to corporate podcasts.

Written by Leading Podcast host and
Author Graham Brown

Since 2014, Graham has personally hosted and guested on over 1,000 podcast episodes in shows located in US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. In 2018 he founded the award winning podcast agency "Pikkal & Co" to service the growing corporate podcast market.

Graham both advises clients on podcast growth strategies and on how to develop their narrative structure to authentically engage corporate audiences. He was described by Sahar Hashemi OBE (World Economic Forum 'young leader award' and Independent's '20 most powerful women in Britain') , as "the best podcast host ever!".

What are Corporate Podcasts and
why won't traditional Consumer
podcast production work for your brand?

Sample guide contents: In this section we look at who is listening to podcasts today and break down audience trends by influence and demographic.

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  • In this FREE 32 Page Guide "Podcasting for Brands" we'll show you how to create thought leadership and brand authority for your corporate brand with podcasts. Based on our experience of project managing over 2,000 podcast episodes globally.
  • The goal of a Corporate Podcast is Thought Leadership, expressed as Brand Authority, Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation.
  • Unlike traditional mass-market "B2C" podcasts like "The Joe Rogan Experience" and "Serial", Corporate Podcasts are different in both content format and business objectives.
  • By creating Thought Leadership with your audience, Corporate Podcasts offer Corporate Leaders a safe space to step up. Within the guard rails of conversations "on brand", Leaders can be what modern audiences demand: open, unscripted and authentic - without being exposed to criticism on social media.

What's Inside the Updated Version of Podcasting for Brands by Pikkal & Co?

  • Measuring Podcast ROI
  • Creating a Podcast Business Case
  • Understanding the difference in B2B vs B2C Business Objectives
  • How Internal & External Podcasts work
  • Managing Team and Casting Choices
  • How to Create an Omnichannel Content Strategy
  • What Podcast Metrics and Analytics should you use?
  • Developing a Successful Podcast Audience Growth Strategy
  • Managing Production Timelines & Expectations
  • Corporate Podcast Case Studies
  • How to Choose the Right Corporate Podcast Partner

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