Corporate Podcast Insights

Corporate vs Consumer Podcasts

Consumer and Corporate podcasts both sound different and require a different approach to ensure success. We are a corporate podcast specialist, and use a corporate podcast specific model and process to achieve long term sustainable podcast success. More about corporate podcasts.

Corporate Podcasts: Getting Started

Pikkal founder Graham Brown shares how to get started on your corporate podcast. In this episode of Podcast Maps we look at key questions you need to ask about the feasibility and setup of your corporate podcast to ensure long term success. Listen to podcast maps here.

Thought Leadership

Corporate Podcasts are an effective channel to influence existing clients and prospects in your ecosystem. Podcasts can help facilitate connection between the people of your brand and the audience by funnelling initial awareness to attention to authentic relationship.

Podcast Audience Data - Who Listens to Corporate Podcasts?

It's getting easier to produce but harder to promote a corporate podcast. What does that mean for audience growth? Pikkal founder Graham Brown shares who listens to business podcasts today. Listen to podcast maps here.

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Reaching Global Audiences

Podcasts are an effective way to create authentic conversations at scale. That means the intimacy and authenticity of a one-to-one meeting but the scale normally afforded only to social media. Read more about our corporate podcast case studies.

Podcast Audience Avatars - Start with Your Listener in Mind

The Audience Avatar is one of the most important assets that you'll create for your podcast. That's why when we engage a client to create a Corporate Podcast, we start here. It's a single sheet that contains everything we need to know about the listener. Listen here.

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Omnichannel Communications

Corporate podcasts can synchronize communications content across channels. One podcast episode can drive multiple content derivatives across corporate channels. For more information on Omnichannel Podcasts, get our Podcasting for Brands guide.

Corporate Podcast Content Planning - What do you Talk About?

So, what do you talk about on your brand podcast? The answer to this question lies in your audience. What is your listener's frustrations and challenges? The good news is that you probably have a lot of content already in the house.

Internal & External Podcasts

Corporate podcasts can speak to both internal and external audiences. We have experience in project managing both - from podcasts that speak to internal project teams to podcasts that create thought leadership with the brand ecosystem. More on internal and external corporate podcasts.

Developing an Engaging Narrative for Your Corporate Podcast

A narrative is a story. It's a series of connected events. That's why all stories whether it's in Netflix or in a book are told in chapters in episodes. And it's the same with corporate podcasts. Narratives engage audiences and give them a compelling reason to come back and listen to the next episode.

The Pikkal Corporate Podcast Model

Our experience of project managing over 2,000 podcast episodes led us to create a Pikkal Corporate Podcast Model that consistently delivers quality. We believe consistency applied to long term goals leads to high ranking and engaging podcasts that lead categories and influence communities.

Podcast Cadence Data: How Often Should You Publish?

Cadence means the rate which you podcast every month. And if your success is measured by how much organic traffic you get to your podcast, then one of the most important things you should be focusing on podcast SEO is your publishing cadence.

pikkal corporate podcast production

The Pikkal Podcast Process

Production is one part of the podcast process. In our Process, we place equal importance on 3 more steps - Planning, Publishing and Performance. We adopt an agile project management methodology that helps us constantly review and tweak podcast tactics to meet project goals.

Corporate Podcast Hosting - Who Should Host Your Podcast?

Here are a couple of those questions and factors to consider in host choice. One, are they a podcast listener themselves? Do they already consume podcasts? Being an existing listener is a key factor in determining long-term project success.

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