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Pikkal founder Graham Brown shares who should host your company podcast.

Podcast Maps by Graham Brown is your map to navigate through the increasingly competitive world of podcasting. According to latest data, there are 1 billion million people listening to Podcasts every week. The competition is getting fierce. Doing what you did last year won't work anymore. You need a guide.

These are the topics I cover in Podcast Maps
1) Podcast Analytics
2) Podcast Market Data & Penetration
3) Podcast SEO
4) Podcast Rankings
5) Podcast Audience Numbers
6) Podcast Audience Growth Strategies
7) Social Audio
8) Audio 2.0
9) The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Audio
10) Podcast Guesting and Thought Leadership

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With over a thousand podcast episodes produced, you develop a good ear for what makes a good host and importantly, what doesn't. I'll talk about those choices in a minute. But at this stage, the most important decision is to decide who the host is. We have a series of criteria in the podcast agency to identify hosts internally and help corporate leaders and comms leaders decide who the best hosts could be.

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Here are a couple of those questions and factors to consider in host choice. One, are they a podcast listener themselves? Do they already consume podcasts? Being an existing listener is a key factor in determining long-term project success. If I was to look at one of the most important factors in determining whether a podcast is going to get beyond episode six is whether or not the existing host is already actively listening to podcasts. They have to be a believer. 

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An existing podcast listener is more likely to be motivated for this podcast. They'll have an ear for what sounds good and what doesn't, and they're more likely to come up with ideas for the continuing podcast. An existing podcast listener is more likely to be vested in this podcast success. Of the five factors that we help podcast clients use to determine good host podcast fit. The last factor is authenticity. Will this podcast host open up? Will they appear human and communicate in an authentic way?

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