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We offer an end-to-end podcast solution for corporate partners. Using our corporate podcast model, we've helped partners grow from 0 to 10,000 listeners per episode. It's not just audience growth, our model helped partners create thought leadership; lead their rankings on both Google Search and Apple Podcasts; and create audiences in new markets.

Why Partner with a Corporate Specialist?

When it comes to brand reputation, we understand you want don't want to compromise quality and reliability.

That's why we at Pikkal & Co view Corporate Podcasts view the eyes of Communications not Content.

A 6 part audio storytelling podcast created by a marketing agency may excite audiences in the short term, but reputation is build in the long term through consistent, quality conversations with your community.

We've found that Corporate Podcast success requires Consistency. Consistency in how you produce the podcast, who you talk to and how you talk to them. In this section, we'll explain how we help corporate partners grow successful podcasts long term.

If you want more indepth analysis of corporate podcasts, get our Podcasting for Brands guide.

Consistency Builds Quality

We've found that successful, sustainable corporate podcasts take a commitment to consistency. The goal of our Corporate Podcast Model is to ensure consistency in the growth, production, communication and measurement of the podcast.

With experience in project managing over 2,000 podcast episodes we developed a system The Pikkal Corporate Podcast Model for creating corporate podcasts that are quality, sustainable and successful.

Scalable Conversations

Podcasts create authenticity at scale.

Podcasts offer the intimacy of a one-to-one conversation with the audience, at the scale of social media or traditional comms.

Scale means building communities and audiences beyond the limitations of time or geography that throttle traditional one-to-one conversations. For example, a well planned corporate podcast can create time-efficient connections between your leadership and their audiences. One hour of podcast recording can reach 1,000s of high value listeners, saving time on meetings and events. Podcasts can also meet wider corporate objectives e.g. development of new audiences in new geographies without expensive market entry.

Corporate Podcasts follow similar growth stages. We identified 3 stages each with their own playbook of best practises. Consistency underpins the success of every stage.

Consistency in scalability means long term, consistent gains: A 20% episode-on-episode growth for a podcast that publishes 2x a month will result in doubling your audience every 2 months.

Rather than chasing "big hits", you can create a successful corporate podcasts by consistently compounding your growth. Working with our corporate podcast partners, we adapt tactics to suit your podcast growth stage.

Key to success in corporate podcast project management is what happens before and after production. Our 4-step Pikkal Podcast Process is an end-to-end workflow that keeps the podcast on course with objectives and regularly calibrates tactics based on audience data.

pikkal corporate podcast production

The Pikkal Podcast Process is our agile project management workflow for corporate podcasts.

Production is one part of the complete solution. We are actively involved in the end-to-end success of the project from initial planning to regular performance reviews.

Agile Conversations

Podcasts are digital first. 

Being digital communication first offers significant advantages over traditional channels, but these advantages are only realized if approached with a non-traditional mindset.

Agile is not just a way of doing, it's a way of thinking. For example, being digital-first enables you to work with fast turnaround cycles that would not be possible in traditional comms. This enables you to think differently about the kind of content you can push to the market (e.g. we've found clients like the fact that podcasts can create levels of brand authority expected from traditional reports but without the long lead times of production).

Unlike events, you can schedule conversations across time zones without the need to be in the same place, same time. Unlike video production, too, podcasts offer an effective return on time for your team.  Our team at Pikkal & Co takes care of all the heavy lifting  from planning to project management to performance review of your podcast.

With experience of working with leading businesses and government organizations we have developed tried and tested playbooks that help our partners engage in podcasting.

Agile also means consistently testing.

Rather than being bound by a traditional "waterfall" approach to communications, you can run multiple tests with your podcast that help you identify who is really engaging with your audio content and why.

In our monthly podcast performance review sessions, we help our clients identify high value niches within their audience data. Rather than be "everything to everybody" with your podcast messaging, focus on being "something to somebody". Using this methodology, we've helped our clients enter new markets and even launch new mini series in different languages (see our case studies).

Consistency is key here.

While it's tempting to create content that is urgent or grabbing media attention, we help our clients keep their conversations tethered. Part of this is the simple discipline of clarifying the podcast audience avatar and bringing the conversations back in our performance review sessions to 3 simple questions about the audience:

1) who are they?

2) what do they want?

3) how do we give it to them?

Omnichannel Conversations

Your podcast can synchnronize your thought leadership content calendar.

omnichannel podcasting

Each podcast episode can drive comms strategy across multiple channels.

Our project management team is experienced in helping our partners develop cohesive playbooks.

Align your podcast with existing content initiatives (e.g. events, report publications, events). Use your podcast to synchronize internal content channels and drive podcast content derivatives across these channels. 

Omnichannel doesn't just mean consistency across your brand messaging. It also means utilizing your existing channels to support your podcast. We've found corporate partners experience significant uplift in audience growth when leveraging and cross-promoting with other corporate assets e.g newsletters, webinars, blog articles and even other podcasts.

Consistency means clarifying "call to action" and removing friction from the audience listener experience in connecting with the brand and hosts. we help our corporate podcast partners identify and remove the bottlenecks in the audience journey that turns unknown listeners into fans.

Measurable Conversations

We believe in data driven conversations. Core to the constant improvement of our partner’s podcasts are the regular Performance Reviews where we report & analyze the data together.

Our corporate podcast data platform helps our partners measure audience, engagement, geography and  category rankings. Using this data you can benchmark your thought leadership against category peers (same vertical, same company function). Our Pikkal & Co team advises you on how to interpret the data leading to insights on:

(a) what content is performing best and with who and where?

(b) which formats and lengths drive most engagement?

(c) how does your content perform against category peers?

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