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Pikkal & Co: The Corporate Podcast Specialist

There are over 4 million podcasts in the world and the fastest growing segment in podcasting today are the corporate podcasts.

We, at Pikkal & Co, are a corporate podcast specialist.

We specialize in project managing corporate podcasts for enterprise, late-stage tech companies and government agencies. For examples, see our corporate podcast cases studies or download our podcasting for brands guide.

Many creative or digital agencies can create Consumer Podcasts, but these require a fundamentally different approach to Corporate Podcasts.

Unlike mass-market "B2C" podcasts like "The Joe Rogan Experience" and "Serial", Corporate Podcasts are different in both content format and business objectives.

We work with our own Corporate Podcast Model based on experience from over 2,000 episodes published, project managed and produced.

Corporate Podcasts for Thought Leadership

The goal of a Corporate Podcast is Thought Leadership, expressed as Brand Authority, Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation.

A good Corporate Podcast ranks highly among its peers and creates open communication channels for conversations with your brand's community. But with increased competition in the media and communications landscape, brands have to work harder to earn their audience's attention.

Thought Leadership has changed. We see corporate podcasts as a tool to create a Thought Leadership Funnel that moves unknown audiences to awareness then attention then authentic relationship.

Creating Authentic Conversations at Scale

By creating Thought Leadership with your audience, Podcasts offer Corporate Leaders a safe space to step up. Within the guard rails of conversations "on brand", Leaders can be what modern audiences demand: open, unscripted and authentic - without being exposed to criticism on social media. A key aspect of the Pikkal Corporate Model is working with Comms to guide Leadership in their conversations. We achieve this through storyboarding, content planning and review with both the brand team and their guests.

When the audience, guests and podcast hosts are comfortable with the medium, Corporate Communications can evolve from traditional from linear communication to a more interactive two-way channel that is open and trusted.

And when communication is open and trusted, podcasts create engaging content with an authentic voice, a human voice for the brand.

Corporate Podcasts for Internal and External Communications

Podcasts join the dots both internally and externally. Team members, different departments, ecosystem partners, clients, prospects, industry regulators and authorities all form part of your wider community.

A community is built around conversations that matter by people who care. In a world where brands no longer can rely on captive audiences both internally and externally for their communications, Corporate Podcasts both meet the demands of communities that want you to be everywhere, all the time and give corporates an opportunity to lead these conversations.

There are 2 types of corporate podcasts: Internal and External. Podcasts enable Communications to create engaged communities both inside the company and with its ecosystem.

Internal Corporate Podcasts are private, brand-specific conversations that are a more interactive and engaging replacement for costly events and ineffective newsletters. External Corporate Podcasts are public conversations hosted by the brand but not specifically about them.

Corporate Podcasts Drive Omnichannel Communication

A key challenge facing corporate comms today is leading communications across multiple channels, timezones and media platforms. Corporate Podcasts put comms back in control, by synchronizing your content calendar for thought leadership.

Where marketing is a choice of channel for your message, podcasts are the message. Omnichannel podcasting uses podcasts to create one cohesive message pushed through derivative channels.

Podcasts can synchronize existing content initiatives eg. the release of a new article or report with comms and marketing channels. One podcast episode provides multiple content derivatives from blog posts to white papers to social shareables.

Evergreen Content

If you want to build brand thought leadership, you have to appreciate how Google search is the main tool of discovery for your audience.

Increasingly, Corporate Communications need to measure the impact of SEO on their brand. While they don't need to become an SEO specialist, they are faced with a dual challenge of both synchronizing content across channels and competition for relevant keywords.

Corporate Podcasts are not bound by event or expiry dates.

And, unlike events or social media, podcasts are discoverable long term. Every public episode indexes on Google, and Google overweights podcast content over blogs when it comes to search ranking and SEO. According to SEO expert Neil Patel in his article "How to make your podcast SEO friendly", Podcasts are 1,428 less competitive than blog articles when it comes to search engine positioning.

That means, every well planned podcast episode can contribute more effectively to a brand's overall SEO positioning than a blog article. And with the agile nature of podcast production, you can rapidly contribute to the brand's knowledge base and community.

That's why, in the podcast planning process, we place importance on helping clients identify and use podcast keywords for their podcasts. Planning out the mechanics of thought leadership through identify relevant keywords helps both synchronize brand content strategy and tether conversations to the demands of the audience.

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